Monday, November 30, 2009

Technology Assessments

I can see more clearly now how these different technology assessment instruments can be very useful inimproving our use of technology in education. Obviously you must first know where you stand before you can know where you are going. Each instrument provides a unique look into where the state of technology and it's proper use depending on whether one is a teacher, administrator or technology director. I can clearly see how these intruments may be very useful if used properly. One obvious use is to determine where proper training and expertise is needed in your building and or on your staff. This information may also guide administrators to specify needs to third party trainers.
My own responses made me think and realize still how much I don't know. THiugh i considerate myself computer literate there is a world of benefits i am missing by not utilizing all of the tools available to me as an educator. This leads me to reflect"If I can't do it..What makes me think that my future staff will do it" (utilize technology to it's fullest). I can definitely improve here. Whether a technology leader or a principal modeling technology proficiently is highly valuable and more and more a necessity.
I am convinced that assessments like these are valuable tools but am still somewhat unconvinced of their validity. This concern is mainly due to lengthiness of the instrument. It would be great if something simpler was available. I just think many teachers will rush through the survey putting down what he/she thinks they should instead of thinking it through. I guess the teacher StarChart does somthing similar yet less time consuming. On a more positive note it is obvious that districts trying to make sound data based decisions can use these instruments in a variety a ways to improve learning in the school house and that is what it is all about!

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